This is shocking, really shocking, I just read the news that A 12 year boy committed suicide after seeing news about death of Jia Khan. What is going on, its insane !


JAIPUR: A 12-year-old boy in Sriganganagar district committed suicide by hanging from the ceiling of his house on Wednesday, apparently on hearing the news of the death of actor Jiah Khan, who died in Mumbai.

According to the police, the boy, Babu, a resident of Gurunanak Basti in Sriganganagar, woke up on Tuesday morning and was watching television. Babu was a student of Class V in a private school.

"He became depressed after watching the news of Jiah Khan's death. Later he brought some DVDs of Jiah Khan's movies and started watching them. In the afternoon, the boy confined himself to a room. He did not even lock the room and hanged from the ceiling fan," said a police officer on Wednesday.



I am really surprised what kind of life we are living, a 12 year old boy can even think of suicide and that too for someone who is not directly related to him at all ? I know people love celebrities but dying for one.. unacceptable ? I think we need to teach children about the value of their life and its importance, its a gift and we need to value it. Poor boy.. and his parents..
May he rest in peace.