India’s largest mobile carrier by subscriber base, on Monday reduced rates of fourth-generation 4G services by 30 per cent, to bring these down below the 3G rates. Last year, operators had reduced 3G rates by 70-80 per cent.

With the price cut, a 10GB pack would cost just Rs 999 a month in 4G, while Airtel charges Rs 1,500 a month in 3G. While the new price for a 3GB data pack in 4G is Rs 650, Airtel charges Rs 675 for 3.1GB data pack in 3G. But a 2GB data pack would cost Rs 450 a month on 4G, Bharti Airtel said. A similar 2GB data pack costs Rs 450 a month in 3G.

The development comes within a week after the top three mobile service providers — Bharti Airtel, Vodafone and — reduced 2G data prices by 80-90 per cent in select service areas, aiming to get fresh data cust