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Internet home based jobs provider in India


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    DUGGIRALA2 is offline Just in!

    Internet home based jobs provider in India

    I would like to ask the panel are there not any Indian software companies that offers free home based internet jobs. With this kind of unemployment in india, there is a
    necessity for providing jobs for Indians who are not employed due to age barrier or any other reasons. Eighty Percent of the sites I came across on the internet providing home based jobs belongs to US companies who pay in dollars. We call ourselves as a software giant providing Bpo/IT-enabled services. But we are not able to provide these kind of jobs to Indians. I feel the need for many Indian software companies to be established who would provide free online home based jobs to Indians and payment be made in Indian Rupees. If anybody is out there I am interested to do home based jobs earning around Rs.10000 and above per month. They can email me if they can offer me the home based jobs to my email address: [email protected]

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    Ricky is offline eTI Silver

    Re: Internet home based jobs provider in India

    The reason is simple that foreigners find us cheaper but for us its still a good deal because of Rupee and Dollar value difference. If there is something good which can be helpful for both a company and for people who can work upon it from home then I am sure that soon companies from India will start to tap it too

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    Opinionmaster is offline Newbie

    Re: Internet home based jobs provider in India

    Home based business are 90% crap. It pays you very little and developing countries like us get mislead by the exchange rate. It's not worth unless you are dealing with product sale where you possibly have better options to make money. The product you sell must be a niche product to catch the fancy of this huge market

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    Russian is offline Newbie

    Re: Internet home based jobs provider in India

    Quote Originally Posted by Opinionmaster
    Home based business are 90% crap.
    I agree. And 10% are for real.

    However one can try to become the employer oneself instead of seeking for home job.
    Take Google Adsense for instance.
    In Russia where I live it's quite possible to make a good money on Made-for-Adsense sites. I mean sites in Russian.
    The competition between sites in English is tougher. But still you can compete if you can create a good site on a popular topic with a good traffic.
    As far as Hindi and other languages are concerned, I don't know about the competition and the ad bids. But I guess if one owns a good site on real estate in India, or on any other commercial topics, one can make money from advertisement on these sites.

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    mindblowing is offline Newbie

    Re: Internet home based jobs provider in India

    I too agree

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    Darchan is offline Just in!
    What's the difference how do they pay - in USD or in Rs? The most important is amount of money, not currency or nationality of employer..

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