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Apple iPhone 6 flexible screen concept-phone to phablet to tablet


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    Rishabh Sharma
    Rishabh Sharma is offline eTI Iron

    Apple iPhone 6 flexible screen concept-phone to phablet to tablet

    Some times we are really disappointed with the new hybrids or the concept versions of upcoming phones.
    Thinking that why can't be the upcoming phones come with a glass kind of screen or variants like that.
    It is not going as a useless thinking. That's why the mobile companies are coming with new technologies per day. Here is the technology by which you can be aback taken.

    This is the concept version of APPLE iPhone 6. The design has been produced by designer Pritesh chavan.
    His concept of Apple iPhone 6 uses a flexible screen. Using this screen will transform a 4.2 inch phone into a 5.8 inch phablet and moreover into a 7.5 inch tablet. If this is going to be the real Apple iPhone 6 than this would be a real threat to rest of the mobile manufacturers and a gift to the technology lovers.

    Since the flexible components that would be necessary to make the concept work are not yet available, this is in the pipeline for now. But we wouldn't be surprised to see this available some time in the future. How many of you would be interested in owning one device that could take the place of three?
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    Anand mohan's Avatar
    Anand mohan
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    This concept looks nice and i think apple is working really hard to innovate the best of technology from their pipeline.
    Thank you!
    Anand Mohan

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