Tata Motors seems to be on spree to remain on news all the time. Since announce of Nano project, Tata is there in news for one or other reason, sometimes for Land Rover / Jaguar or sometimes just for simple people mover named ACE.

This time again Tata in news as their UK subsidiary Tata Motors European Technical Center Plc. has bought majority stake in a Norway-based electric vehicle maker for Rs.9.4 crore ($2 million). This is definitely and edge for TATAs.

Tata was looking for this moment from long time as this move will help TATA to establish a better command over Electric vehicle as well alternate fuel. The firm of which majority stock bought by TATA is Miljo Grenland/Innovasjon and the Norwegian firm will manufacture state-of-the-art super polymer lithium ion batteries and electric vehicles based on Tata Motors' range of products as well as conduct research and development (R&D) in allied technologies.

Also TATA motors is looking to launch its first electric car India EV in Norway in 2009 !

So TATAs.. when we will get your first Electric car.. will it be Nano itself ?