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SUSHI or SEA-FOOD which one is more energetic,healthy & tasty


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    kariappaa Guest

    SUSHI or SEA-FOOD which one is more energetic,healthy & tasty

    I am a continious lover of food sinse my childhood, I want always to know about the new cusines and dishes around the world.
    So, does any one here have a knowledge of what is SUSHI if yes, than can you compare it with SEA-FOOD and tell me which one is more healthier, easy to make and tasty as well?

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    Rishabh Sharma
    Rishabh Sharma is offline eTI Iron
    See my friend,
    Sushi is a kind of food where there are live insects and you have to eat them live making flavors with different sauce and bread also.
    On the other hand sea-food is where there are crabs, prawns and oysters to eat but they are being cooked.
    So, now think yourself which one is better live or cooked.

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