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ATM Money Transfer without netbanking enabled


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    ATM Money Transfer without netbanking enabled

    Is it possible to transfer the money from ATM to different amount even though not having internet banking enabled on the account. what is the process to do the same?

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    Rishabh Sharma
    Rishabh Sharma is offline eTI Iron
    Hello friend,
    There is no need for having internet banking option for transferring money through ATM.

    Here is the process:-

    1. Insert your card in ATM machine.
    2. Tap/click on the option of "TRANSFER"
    3. It will ask whether to transfer by account no. or by the receiver's ATM card no.
    4. Click on whichever option suits you and it will ask accordingly for the receiver's account no. or ATM card no.
    5. Insert the correct account no. or ATM no.
    6. Insert the amount to be transferred and click "done or enter" whatever it asks to click.
    7. Transfer is done

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