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What is blue heart shaped pill offered by Gym instructor ?


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    What is blue heart shaped pill offered by Gym instructor ?

    Hi guys,

    As I am trying to get serious in exercise. I was offered Blue heart shaped pill by Gym instructor and he asked me to take it before exercise. He was insisting me to take it and was saying that many people are taking it in Gym and it helps to increase strength and power.

    There were no clue what is it and I ask it then says they just increase your strength and are like multivitamins but I do not believes him. I have not taken them but still wants to know what are those pills . He was simply asking Rs. 400 for 3 weeks dose. Are they anabolic drug , how would I know them ?

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    Searched for you over internet and most probably they are anabolic drugs , chances are they are dianabol . How many he is asking you to eat daily ?

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