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Corruption, Politics and Democracy - Leading to dictatorship


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    Corruption, Politics and Democracy - Leading to dictatorship

    The evil of corruption has dispersed widely in the Indian society and there is hardly any sphere left that is free from bribery, corruption and deception. Corruption has increased beyond measures that even democracy has become compatible with it. With Indian politics, full of corrupt politicians, turning Indian democracy into dictatorship will take no time. It is almost incurable which is affecting socialism, civilization and progress of the country. Common people are being unheard and unseen by the higher authorities, crimes are increasing and overall development of the country is delayed. The era when the people will start bribing the God is near to be seen. Stop living with the notions that the country is growing with a better tomorrow and start fighting for your rights and freedom. Visit various social platforms, spread awareness and join together against these crimes and corruption. Link Removed - Wish to advertise, contact us

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    You mean you can spam here and we are fool enough to visit your site. Stop fooling people, visiting sites and social network platform is not going to do anything, rather people should take some action, do something , take parts in politics.

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    Francis Monteiro
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    It is we who are corrupt for electing religioud ego and does who hide our wrong doing

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