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    Hii friends,

    Wanna tell you all that my topic for debate has been changed due to some problems created by my juniors. The new topic is "CO-EDUCATION IN SCHOOLS IS ALWAYS A BETTER OPTION FOR STUDENTS". I am in against of the topic. Please give me some strong points regarding this topic(against).

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    Adi Mehta
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    Hi Maahi, first of all can share your person view on above topic.

    By the way, if you ask me to give views against it then I don't see many because it makes students more social and capable to face real life.

    But if you ask valid reason against this system then I think they could be:
    1. Affected studies:
    I have seen that students of co-ed are generally more into love and affair thing and generally they are too much concerned about their looks as they have to look good always to show off.

    2. Lost childhood:
    I say that in co-ed , students get attracted to opposite gender often which ends up in activity which otherwise may have not happened.

    I can't find anything else and I think even point #2 looks weak.

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    Maahi is offline eTI Member
    Atleast u gave me a point tht iz only enough for me.. I am really thnkful to u from the bottom of my heart.. Thnku so muchh...

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    Firdaus I gott a few points while surfing the net.. I think it will work for you..

    Students in Single-sex school success more than Co-ed Schools
    Studies have shown that it gives students a better chance to do well in subjects where one sex or the other traditionally does better. Girls sometimes think it is not feminine to do well in maths and science. Boys sometimes think it is not masculine or 'macho' to do well in expressive subject such as English. If they are in segregated class, they may not be so affected by these ideas, and so be more likely to perform at their best. Studies from the National Association for Single Sex Public Education.
    Percentage of students scoring proficient on FCAT ( The Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test )
    Boys in Co-ed classes: 37% scored proficient
    Girls in Co-ed classes: 59% scored proficient
    Girls in Single- sex classes: 75% scored proficient
    Boys in Single- sex classes: 86% scored proficient

    Contention 2 : Opposite Sex Studies at different rates
    Another main argument for segregated education is the fact that boys demand more of their teachers' time. Firstly boys need more discipline because they are more likely to misbehave in class. Secondly they get more attention than girls do, because they tend to speak up more in class. If girls are educated separately, they might have more of their teachers' time, and so learn faster.

    Contention 3 : Teacher that favour one sex over the other
    Teacher frequently favour their own gender when teaching co- educational classes; for example, male teacher can undermined the process and confidence of girl students by refusing to chose them to answer question etc. A recent study by the American Association of University Women found that ‘gender bias is a major problem at all levels of schooling', asserting ‘girls are plagued by sexual harassment and neglected by sexist teachers, who pay more attention to boys'.[1] As a result, girls tend to fall behind their male counterparts.

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    Maahi is offline eTI Member
    Thank you so much...
    These all are very good points...
    Thank you once again...

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    Very good discussion, it was nice to read all this.
    Now I will also come for help on similar matters

  7. Advert.

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    Maahi is offline eTI Member
    Thank you so much for helping me.... I m really very thankful to all of you..

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    ashrafa is offline eTI Iron
    Ur welcome Firdaus... and try ur level best with some of the more interesting points.. god bless u..

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    Maahi is offline eTI Member
    Yeah i will try my best...
    Thank You again......

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    ashwani121 is offline Just in!
    Respecting all those points that has been made by everyone..

    I want to say i disagree with all those..

    And btw saman u r going against it coz u feel like it or just coz u wanna win da contest..??

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    Maahi is offline eTI Member
    No its not that. I was said to say in against of this topic..

    If i would have given the choice then i would say in the favour but teachers told me to say in against..

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