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Dasvidaniya Review : Hindi movie : 2008


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    Dasvidaniya Review : Hindi movie : 2008

    Hindi Movie Review : Dasvidaniya

    Director : Shashant Shah
    Cast : Vinay Pathak, Neha Dhupia, Ranvir Shorey, Rajat Kapoor, Saurabh Shukla, Suresh Menon, Gaurav Gera, Purvi Joshi, Dina, Kunal Kumar, Sachin Khurana, Suchitra Pillai, Sarita Joshi, Kiku Sharda, Joy Fernandes, Brijendra Kala, Chandan Bisht

    Dasvidaniya, movie I was looking forward to watch it. The first thing about the movie was its name -Dasvidaniya. It created curiosity, though new word for me and hard to remember but some how I remember it and I am not going to forget it for a long long time to come. Second thing which made me to watch this movie was Vinay Pathak who played lead role in the Movie. After his Bhejafry- the movie, I know potential and quality of this man. And again in his latest flick he did not let us down at any point.

    The movie is not dealing with a very twisted or new story line but it is its presentation which involves the audience in the movie itself. Amar (Vinay Pathak), a common man who lives his life with minimalistic way. A simpleton, without any burning passion, ambition or desire. He has a habit to daily make to do list and list contains very basic things like getting geyser repair etc. While being looser and loner, most of the time his list make it hard to accomplish. But on reminding himself about his today's achievements he prepares himself next day.

    One day story of his life changes when for a routine checkup he visited a doctor but ultimately get diagnosed as cancer patient. He was told to have only few months of life.

    Life changes for him and he then drafts his final to-do list which includes things like patching up with his younger brother, finding his first crush, owning a car etc. The top 10 to-do list comprises of those basic and real life task and as movies go on he accomplish them one by one while his life just too short to live.

    Now after the news that he is going to leave this world soon, he mend up things in his life. The hero of the movie is a common man and somewhere everyone can relate it to ourselves. As he moves on with fulfilling his desire, he ended up living a life he never imagined. As he moves forward, more exciting the life becomes.

    Scenes where he decide up to settle score with his boss (Sourabh Shukla) and like a scene where he tell Neha (Neha Dhupia) that he always loved him with his simplicity and dumbness or call it innocence will end up you looking for your tissue paper.

    The supporting cast like his friend Rajiv (Rajat kapoor), his wife Suchi (Suchitra), the guitar teacher (Joy Fernandes) etc. every one are good in their part. Really supporting cast. Though movie is wholesomely on the shoulder's of Vinay Pathak but other cast made it complete.

    It connects to the viewer and even the movie is over you will find yourself attached to the character of Amar and you will end up saying.. what is next!

    Dasvidaniya suggest to live and it clearly differentiate between living and surviving . It reminds me of movie like kal ho na ho, Anand etc but this one is different in its own way and beautiful too. It satisfied most of the my points to become a good movie. Flow of the movie is steady and you will end up glued to it. May be in the beginning one may get little impatient but as you get familiar with character of Amar, you won't complain at all.

    The script of the movie is not perfect but its good with few flaws but barely any hurdle. Direction from debutant Shashant Shah is what which makes it a complete movie. Word of congratulation for Shashant Shah for such rare and good work. A movie to look after for fine performance from Vinay Pathak and to leave an impact upon your thoughts.

    I must say good movie and I rate it 4/5.

    PS: Do give your views and Reviews.

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    Re: Dasvidaniya Review : Hindi movie : 2008


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    Re: Dasvidaniya Review : Hindi movie : 2008

    Good Movie,
    i will rate it 5/5

    “Dasvidaniya” derives its name from the Russian word for ‘goodbye’

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    Re: Dasvidaniya Review : Hindi movie : 2008

    Good movie indeed.
    The movie was entertaining throughout but the first half was boring somewhere.

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    Re: Dasvidaniya Review : Hindi movie : 2008

    absolutely!!!the movie showed the practicality of life that is how a human being is always striving for his survival.but....there are also other things in one's life .the message given by this movie is really wonderful...that is enjoy your life before you regret for not doing so....

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