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Truth about Government Hospitals in India


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    Truth about Government Hospitals in India

    Friends, recently saw a news and I must say that I agree with it. The news is :

    A blog by Dr Varun Patel, who interned for a year at Puneís Sassoon Hospital, gave an insight into just how rotten and inadequate the public health system really is in India. He wrote in his blog, ĎFrom abandoning an unknown patient to slapping a pregnant woman in labour, I have seen the worst possible scenarios which I would like to shareÖ This is what you go through when you work as a doctorís apprentice.
    Finally , be it through a blog, the truth has caught attention of masses. I know its true as I remember, once an low level employee in our company was admitted to Govt. hospital and I had chance to see how things works their as I went their out of curiosity to see a real Govt. hospital with real patient. Though he was treated satisfactory doc knew he has influential people on his back but case was not with everyone.

    You can read more at TOI

    Even more on this :
    Dr Patel, who is now a junior resident at Delhi's Lok Nayak Hospital, highlights the infamous practice of "batting" among residents in public hospitals. "You spend few hours in the casualty and you will see the resident doctors fighting over a patient. Nobody wants the patient admitted in his own ward. They call it 'batting', you would see them proudly blabbering around - 'Hey! Aaj Maine 6 Bat Kiye', meaning he got rid of six patients that day," writes Patel.

    When contacted, senior doctor Arun Bal, who edits a medical journal called Indian Journal of Medical Ethics, told TOI, "This is the reality. There's nothing new about it. I have been seeing it for 40 years."

    Dr Patel's blog has garnered several responses, with several young doctors acknowledging such goings-on in public hospitals. At a time when healthcare costs are rising, public hospitals are the only option for the economically disadvantaged. But Dr Patel paints a picture of reluctant health practitioners at these overcrowded health hubs.

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    Aliya Ashmi
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    I think this is one of the fact that hospitals of India is still being to be more developed.

    I hope this will happens in quickly.

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    aditigir Guest
    There are many big and popular hospital in country, young and dedicated doctors also latest equipment, but the thing is that they charge a big amount for treatment. there are also many popular government hospital in country, they provide facilities free for people.

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