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Eyes of truth


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    abhinabmohanty is offline Just in!

    Eyes of truth

    don't you think our people have forgotten their duty towards their motherland?
    air of cynicism have enveloped their mind and in a away prohibitted them to do those things that doesn't add to their name and pocket though means a lot to the motherland and mankind....

    It joined me with a mere cry.
    I gave the air
    And resisted it's die.
    When it moved forward
    And took it's first stride,
    I was there to provide the grip.
    It tore my heart
    And extracted the blood.
    I sustained the pain
    But never asked, why?
    It plotted me out
    And made money out of me,
    My parts were sold for lakhs per acre.
    But hardly I ever hesitated,
    As I was the mother to all.
    After gaining age and Wisdom,
    It came back;
    I was elated.
    At last I am going to be served;
    Tears rolled down my chin
    And hand raised to greet him,
    It looked at my eyes,
    But the eyes were never the same.
    All my acts went in vain,
    As he turned back;
    And never looked again.
    I burnt in the fire of agony,
    For my son had left me alone.
    But never gave up my job to serve;
    As eyes of truth are always watching us.

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    nupur. is offline eTI Copper

    Re: Eyes of truth

    Execllent one.. Abhi !

    But its a request PLease do not Post your site/ blog link here..

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    abhinabmohanty is offline Just in!

    Re: Eyes of truth

    sorry was not aware about it. just wanted to give you the complete picture. I'll take care next time..........

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    Ricky is offline eTI Silver

    Re: Eyes of truth

    You can use signature to show your blog, there is no objection there. But if you post only to promote your site, Admin will delete your posts.

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