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Safe Drinking Water Provision for URBAN AREAS


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    Angry Safe Drinking Water Provision for URBAN AREAS

    Everybody is concerned about Quantity of water supply less importance is being given to QUALITY of drinking Water. Every Workshop, meeting on drinking water it is no doubt discussed in detail but no such initiative was taken from any Water supply agency in this regard. The best indicator to my argument can be correlated to " Sale of Mineral / packed drinking Water". there are stringent law for packed drinking water packaging but " No one is empowered or equipped to" monitor this. Can I ever drink from a PUBLIC FOUNTAIN/ Stand post with out having doubt.. can any agency will assure me that all the public stand post yield safe water. It is the picture in all our Urban Areas.
    Provision of SAFE drinking Water is my right & I should have it from every point where water is being supplied ? But I am not getting it .Why should I rely on Mineral Water in Station/ Bus Stand on Malls etc. instead of our own govt. supplied water. ?

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    Naveen Arora
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    Very very nice thought, never ever noticed it.
    Yes, why can't we have good Drinking Water system provided by Government ?

    I think its because if we have Good Drinking Water system everywhere, then who will buy packaged water ? And you know , these companies will make sure that it never happens. Rest you can understand.

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    Technically WATER is part of our " FOOD" so any agency failing to supply Safe water should be prosecuted under " Food Adulteration Law"

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