remember pardes, the film that took the audience to a virtual tour of one of the postmodern cities in U.S.A? mesmerising it was and indeed caught the imagination of the people in India. A decade later urban tourism seems not in the least improbable and lot of tourists take an annual tour not only of U.S.A but also of Europe. But imagine foreign tourists landing in India desperate to have a look of urban India . bewilderment is almost a certainty. if a bull suddenly decides to have a nice little afternoon siesta in the middle of the road it certainly poses no immediate threat to the traffic on road. i will certainly advice the respective tourists to visit kolkata or for that matter benaras. even delhi shouldn't be alleged of not having observed such a spectacle. incredible India is not the only objective. cohabitation of nature and man , man and animal is also to be looked into with a great amount of interest and gaiety.