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Friend knocked up my sister - made her addicted of sensual lifestyle


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    Friend knocked up my sister - made her addicted of sensual lifestyle

    I am not sure whether this is right forum for me to take something off my chest that is bothering me for a while. I am 27 year old guy. I have 21 year old younger sister, she is very beautiful.

    I was feeling very proud that I have such a insanely beautiful sister. In the beginning, I enjoyed the attention she was getting after she reached her puberty, I noticed that many people started staring her as if they want to take her away from me. I started noticing lust in the eyes of many people while they were checking her out. That is when I started becoming uncomfortable.

    Day by day, it became hard for me to deal with beauty of my sister. Whenever, me & my sister go together to any places and if there are group of 4-5 boys then someone would make inappropriate vulgar comment s." This type of comments would raise my blood pressure but I did not confront any one and eventually got used to it & started ignoring it.

    We are from India so travelling is a nightmare. Busses and trains are extremely crowded. While travelling in a crowded train or in bus, boys would take advantage of rush and try to be touchy with her. The way many people would see her as if she is totally naked in front of them. Time to time these experiences created anxiety in me and my sister's beauty became a nightmare for me to handle.

    One of my colleagues helped me a lot in my job. He was 26 year old, one year younger than me. We became a good friend and he became almost a part of my family. He was transferred to another office which was very close to where I live. I introduced my sister to him.

    My sister was to work as an intern in some company to get practical experience as a part of her university degree. My friend put up the word with his Manager and got my sister to work as a trainee under him. Initially, everything appeared fine between my friend and sister.

    One day, I felt sick at work. I took half day leave at work and came home. During the day time, there is no one at my home. When I came inside my house, i heard some moaning sound from my sisterís bedroom. I became curious so I just went towards her bedroom. The door was partially closed.

    When I saw inside, I was almost fainted. My sister & my best buddy were totally compromised position. I donít intend to give graphic details of what I saw there but you can imagine what type of humiliation I went through as an elder brother when I saw my sisters in that position. It was a trauma to me.

    I lost my temper while watching my sisters live sex show. Both were totally unaware of my presence. I separated him from my sister & slapped him on his face. He did not fight with me. He said sorry. He wore all his clothes & went away.

    Anyway, after I became calm & composed, I realised that whatever happened between them was a result of two consenting adults wanted to get naked and have good time by adult fun. I opened the topic with my sister. My sister was extremely upset with me for slapping my friends. I said sorry that melted her. After probing few questions, she gradually told me that she has not yet lost her virginity but was meant to happen the day they were caught by me.

    I severed my ties with my friend. We never talked again. I advised my sister to stay away from my friend. She simply kept quiet. My sister finished her degree and took the job in my company. She was working for my friend. He was her boss. My friend got promotion where as I was working at same position.

    After six months, I got a call from my family female doctor. My doctor told me that my sister is pregnant and she wants to terminate the pregnancy. Since she is 3 months pregnant, it is risky and needs my consent for abortion. In India risky abortion of unmarried girls, requires family members consent. I was just devastated. I had no choice so i gave consent. Abortion was carried out safely.

    Then I had a talk with my sister & what I learnt this time spins my head. It turned out that my friend took virginity of my sister just next day of me catching him in bed with my sister. My slapping his face did not deter my friend to shag my sister next day. They both were in relations, and the when my sister got job under him, he shared my sister with Managing Director of our company & got promotion.

    However, unfortunately, he did not just stop there. He shared her with two senior managers other two companies as a bribe to win very huge contract. Obviously, my sister got promotion as a Chief Public Liaison officer within 4 months.

    My sister was so stupid that she did not bother using condom while getting laid with these guys. So, far within 6 months, 4 people including my friend have preyed on my sisters and robed her youth.

    I tried to persuade her that this is sophisticated prostitution therefore just stop it. However, she is not in any mood to listen to me. I requested her to see a counsellor but she is refusing that too. The guys pamper her to the extent that she is addicted to this lifestyle.

    However, she promised me to use condom all the time from now on. Although she refused to meet counsellor, I had to see counsellor to get my stress under control. My counsellor told me that there is nothing I can do to stop my sister from her sexual adventures. She is enjoying the attention she is getting because of her beauty and enjoying easy promotion and easy money she is getting easily by parting her legs and makes herself available for pleasuring the men. My counsellor said further that I should find consolation for the fact that my best buddy had intercourse with my sister and not any evil minded random guy. She explained, that my friend is unmarried; sexually starved, sexually frustrated guy. Therefore, he would want some consenting female desperately for his sexual outlet. My sister is fully adult girl, Her raging hormones would make her curious to experiment with her sexuality.. As per her, being best friend of a guy and a loving brother, I should have empathy for my friends & my sisterís sexual needs & should be supportive and not protective.

    As it is when I saw her in compromised position, I am not able to get rid of that scene as it keeps flashing in my mind all the time. I am not able to get past the naked images of my sister & on top of that when I came to know about her pregnancy, it is forcing me to visualise how the guys may have screwed her . The mere thought of what is in store for her as a result of she becoming comfort women for company is another nightmare..

    Therefore, i was getting used to the idea of my sister sleeping with my friend but I am struggling to cope up with the fact that my best friend made her whore for his personal benefit and company benefit..

    Although I am suffering it silently, I want to reflect on what went wrong. Is there a possibility of thinking outside the box & stop her from spreading her legs for some benefit?

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    Your post has been edited. Please note, this not a porn or adult forum and hence you need not to go into details for certain things, specially when its about your sister.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Admin View Post
    Your post has been edited. Please note, this not a porn or adult forum and hence you need not to go into details for certain things, specially when its about your sister.
    Appreciate your help and view..Thank you very much. .

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