Mir Mohtesham Ali Khan, winner of several titles in the country competed for India in the Musclemania World Bodybuilding 2008 contest in the heavy weight category of 90 kg plus and brought us the rare honor to India in the form of bronze. India otherwise lacks in this sports.

In this competition other professional body builders from China and Columbia won the gold and the silver medals, respectively. Over 400 body builders from 26 countries participated in five different categories at Musclemania, the leader in natural body building events in the world.

The Musclemania World Bodybuilding 2008 competition was held at Grand Hall of Golden Nugget Hotel in Las Vegas. Khan is the first body builder from Andhra Pradesh to compete in the championship.

Mohtesham, who wo rks with Indian Railways and won several medals at the national level, said he is thankful to God and the people who supported him. At 6 feet 2" he gave an impressive performance in final.