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Seek kabab- roasted chicken or smoked meat is more dangrous than alcohol


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    Seek kabab- roasted chicken or smoked meat is more dangrous than alcohol

    If you love seek kebab, roasted chicken those are actually very famous non-vegetarian preparation in India, they you could be at very higher probability of developing cancer, many folds higher than smoker and alcoholics. This is infact shocking to know all this:

    From times of India:
    When meat or fish is cooked directly over fire, it gets covered with cancer-causing carcinogens, making it more dangerous than even smoking or consumption of alcohol, surgical gasteroentrologist Dr S M Chandramohan said.

    A study in which statistical analysis of the data gathered showed that people eating smoked meat were at up to nine times higher risk of developing cancer compared to people who did not have it on their diet. The study found that people who smoked had an eight times higher risk of contracting cancer than others and those who consumed alcohol were at four times higher risk.

    This is not the first time smoked meat has been linked to cancer. The National Cancer Institute in the USA has linked barbequed or grilled meat to cancer. Coal or gas used to cook meat emits chemicals called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) that adhere to meat. Laboratory tests show these substances can cause cancer in animals.


    If you lover of smoked meat, is this news going to affect you ? Are you going to avoid your favourite roasted chicken or seek kebab or may be barbeque lamb ?

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    I don't care ..
    I am vegetarian.

    One more reason to be vegetarian.


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