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Why I feel tired all the time - 26 year old male


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    sahil saini
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    Why I feel tired all the time - 26 year old male

    Sir I have a question about my health, from last 2-3 months I am feeling tired if I do some physical work. This is very frustrating to me because I am a sports person and every week, I give 2-3 days to sports and generally I put myself to rigrous routine. But from last 1-2 months, when I return from workout or sports activity, I feel tired for more than two days, if I was running a lot then my legs are tired for even 4-5 days. It was not like thi before, I used to get recover next day. It is causing so much anxiety, I am feeling bad as I have to skip my activities due to tiredness. Some one could suggest me what could be the problem. I am taking proper protein rich diet try to take good sleep. what could be problem ?

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    Savera's Avatar
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    It could be anything from anxiety to diabities , so better visit a GP and get yourself checked without delay.


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    Rohit Chandra
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    Go and see doctor without any delay. Also check your vitamin D level and also T levels.

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