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Depressed after my boyfriend's untimely death


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    Depressed after my boyfriend's untimely death


    I am 21 year old and i was in a committed relationship with a guy for 3 years. our relationship was going very smoothly and we were very happy. in fact we were planning to take our relationship to next step; getting married. we had even planned to talk about it with our parents. his parents knew about us and they were happy and wanted us to get married. they assured us that they will talk to my parents as well and will convince them. but out of the blues, one day i got a news that my bf has committed suicide. i was broken. he was very happy in his life. his studies, family, love was everything was great. he was a very lively and energetic person full of life. he was a positive man and always used to have a smile on his face. last time we met the day before he has committed suicide. nobody knows why he has taken such big step. he left no suicide note.

    right now i am in such a position that i do not want to live. each day is life a punishment for me. each breath is painful. please tell me what to do.

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    u should talk to someone it will not make your bf to come but atleast the past memories can be forget by bringing new memories

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    Dear, I am sorry for your loss , life is not so simple as we think . Regularly we see cases where family, caste etc are against marriage but in your case everything seems fine but then you lost your beloved.

    As you said, he did not left any notes etc and there is no apparent reason for suicide, it could be something else but whatever it is, its beyond our control now as what is done is done. I don't think a person who loves you can leave you like this with life long pain.

    I am sure if he can see you , he wants you to be happy, you should understand that its not the end of the world, we all here are to live our part, if you says you too don't want to live, have you imagined how much pain you will cause to your parents, your siblings and person who cares for you.. just like the pain you felt when your BF left this world ?

    I am not saying that forget him and move over but I want you to see how precious life is, its small and you should live it to full, no one knows about tomorrow. Start doing new stuff, join some courses or hobby classes, distract yourself and I am sure you will learn to live with his memories.

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    avi sharma
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    sorry friend i am so sorry but this condition is very critical,, i know its very hard to forget and specially whom we love most... but like is full of struggle,, you have to join such activities which helps to keep you busy,,, also you have to make a such friend who can understand your situation... i know its very difficult and you r alone... but best way is to make yourself busy.. otherwise you will be dipressed... plz don't think about sucide,,, do those things which keep you happy,,, make your bf love to ur your strength,,,
    all the best,,,,

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