In Bhubaneswar we only have a few choices when it comes to high-speed, reliable internet service providers. Despite service disruptions, high bills, and awful call centre experiences, consumers are dependent on these services due to lack of other reliable option(s). There are internet providers with big promises to provide high speed, or fast customer service or more uptimes, but have failed even in providing the basic services to its customers in the city. JetSpot Networks removes the frustration. JetSpot Broadband has started its service in Bhubaneswar with the motto of connecting everyone to a reliable, very stable and high speed wireless broadband service, with no downtimes, fast 24/7 customer support/service and affordable prices. Our commitments are not just words of mouth; we are getting 100% satisfaction feedbacks from our connected customers at our facebook page. JetSpot provides wireless internet to homes and individuals, hotspot creation, Wi-Fi automation for hospitals, schools organizations, office etc. With the aim of providing excellent public internet access services, JetSpot is going to solve the biggest problem of the city, i.e. Proper Internet Connection. Grab it and experience the change; experience a faster world that everyone has ever imagined being in Orissa.