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Good quality affordable DSLR backpack with tripod holder (Rs. 1000-2000)


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    Good quality affordable DSLR backpack with tripod holder (Rs. 1000-2000)

    I am thankful for Admin for creating this forum on my request. So, here is my first question which about DSLR bag. Since I have got some lenses and tripod, I feel that instead of carrying them in two separate case, I should by one single backpack which can hold my tripod as well some lenses I have along with camera and should have room for some future lenses addition as I am planning to buy a new 100-400mm telephoto zoom lens.

    The choices I currently see are not very versatile, all I see Lowepro everywhere which is quite costly. There is even a backpack for Rs. 24000, come'on .. what kind of joke is that.. is it made up of some kind of carbon fiber fabric ?

    Guys, my budget is strictly Rs. 1000-2000 otherwise I will drop plan for now as I am saving money for my new lens which is going to be very costly thing.


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    I have sony Sony DSC-HX400V and it comes with its own bag which is more than sufficient and I don't have any tripod for it. But I think if you have lots of lense and want a backpack with tripod support then there are lots of choices but all are very costly. I searched for you and find this this article :
    Top 10 Best DSLR Backpack Camera Bags You Should Not Miss

    They have lots of good and cheap backpack but in India they are costing thrice of their original price. So I think Lowpro is the best option for you to buy.

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