Hi friends,

Since windows 10 has been officially launched, the latest Andy version have issue with it, it will not work on windows 10 because windows 10 breaks Virtualbox and its one of the major component used by Andy Android Emulator. The fix is very simple, you need to install Virtual box first and then install Andy without virtual box.

Step 1
Installation step is simple, first download virtual box :

Click to Download VirtualBox from Oracle Website

Step 2
Now install or re-install it (if you have already Andy already installed or Virtualbox in past).

During Install, Uncheck 'bridged Networking', Do NOT change the Location, leave everything default as it will be used by Andy.

Step 3
Then Re-install Andy, by running Andy installer.
Choose 'Custom' Button And Check 'Skip Virtualbox'

You are done , Andy should work normally on Microsoft windows 10 machine now.