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Credit Card vs cash payment - which is better in India ?


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    Credit Card vs cash payment - which is better in India ?


    This question is popping up in my mind for quite some time. I make a lot of payment every month through credit card and then every month again makes payment for it. But what I am thinking that when I have cash in hand then why should use credit card ?

    For better explanation, assume that my monthly expenditure on utility bills, shopping etc. goes to an average of Rs. 40000 per month.

    Now if I make those payment directly from account or debit card.. will that be more economical or if I use credit card for the payments ?

    Or spending either way is same, only difference is that in case of credit card, you pay all at once while through direct banking or debit card, you pay instantly ?

    Give your views guys..

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    Aarish Rizvi
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    Well, I use credit card for its convenience, I see there are certain taxes etc. on the bill but I think credit card should be use only in case when you are running out of cash or if you need cash for something more important where credit card can't be used. This is how I use mine. But calculation of comparison between cash payment and payment through credit card, can't find much difference.

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