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VU 32K160 Rev D 32" LED TV color problem - tint issue?


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    mitrali Guest

    Angry VU 32K160 Rev D 32" LED TV color problem - tint issue?

    Hi, I can't find a proper section to post this so moderators please move it to most appropriate section if its in right place. Now coming to my problem. I have just purchased VU 32K160 Rev 32" LED TV at very cheap rate from flipkart (~15K) and TV is beautiful as well as works but only problem I am facing that colors are not accurate, specially human skin colors have some kind of TINT . So I tried to adjust settings and colors, I can change all settings under picture but TINT feature is grayed out. It means I can not adjust it .

    Please advice how can fix it, I think skin color tone is due to improper hue and saturation settings and I can't understand why on the earth they have disabled TINT adjustment feature even if its there . Why VU you would do that ?

    I already made a hard decision by buying not so common brand or relatively lesser known brand and now this.. its totally shit. Advice please.

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    asaam is offline eTI Iron
    I was able to find service mode method for you for VU, there is also instruction to fix color issues :

    Service menu VU 32K160 Rev D

    1. Click on Menu -> Audio -> Balance

    2. Enter code 1 then 9 then 6 then 9
    You will enter the Service Menu.

    3. Use navigational buttons to select the picture options
    Select Picture ->WB Adjust,

    Set the following values :
    Panel Select: B3
    Mode: HDMI 1,2
    R-Gain: (this value changes the red color of the panel)
    G-Gain: (this value changes the Green color of the panel)
    B-Gain: (this value changes the Blue color of the panel)

    R-Offset: dont touch
    G-Offset: Dont touch
    B-Offset: Dont touch
    COPY All : Dont touch
    Reset: Dont touch

    4. Now go back click : Menu

    Select Hue Curve and enter the following values
    OSD_0: 31
    OSD _1: 31
    OSD_25: 40
    OSD_50: 50-60 (Choose the desired value as per your reference image. Preferably a persons portrait)
    OSD_75: 60
    OSD_100: 70

    5. Now Click MENU to go back.

    This should solve color tint problem.

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