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Buying Apple iPhone for first time - iPhone 6 or 6S or iphone 6S plus ?


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    Buying Apple iPhone for first time - iPhone 6 or 6S or iphone 6S plus ?

    Hello everybody,

    I never had courage to buy Apple iphone becuase I found them ridiculously costly as compared to the features it provides but finally I have decided buy one myself. I was also not buying iphone earlier because they were so small but with iPhone 6, now it is considerably good size in screen. But now I am confused which one to buy. I don't have unlimited money, obviously I want to have an iphone but want to save as much as I can. Iphone 6 16GB is about 10K cheaper than Iphone 6S , so should I go for 6 or for 6S. I phone 6S plus is actually too costly, I will avoid it for now. Still suggestion required.

    My main concern is that if I buy iphone 6 only, am I am missing anything major if I compare it to 6S or both are same with minor differences ?

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    Hi Haqz, first of all congratulation that you are going to buy a new iPhone.
    In my short and simple advice, go for iPhone 6 only if you want save some money yet want to have luxury of an iPhone. IPhone 6 and iPhone 6s are almost identical apart of little more power and camera hardware. I have seen my friends regretting on upgrade from iPhone 6 to iPhone 6S as they found changes not even noticeable.

    However, iPhone 6S plus is far better as it comes with larger screen and very good camera, it even has OIS (optical image stabilization) but its very costly compared to other two.

    But choice is yours, don't go by my words. Just visit nearest store and try all yourself and then only make final decision.

    once again, good luck


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