It has been already shared about Atlas (A bipedal robot) from Google owned company boston Dynamics. It was not long ago when they showed prototype (less than a year) tethered with wires and all, yes it was able to walk in unpredictable terrain and was impressive. Now again Atlas is back, even better and improved, its now a independent robot, it can walk on its own without any external power or computing support.

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The way it is built, it looks pretty natural , I must say first practical approach towards real life Humanoid. They have shown various abilities including lifting weights, continuing towards goal or task even if it is distracted. Further, they even pushed it so hard that it fell down face first on the floor but then it just got back up like a soldier.

Did I mention, Boston Dynamics is primarily developing this robot to help army in battle field.

Here is the video you all must see.

Aren't they evolving faster than we thought.