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Is retweeting is bad in terms of money


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    saurabh singhal
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    Is retweeting is bad in terms of money

    Re-tweeting, posting or sharing the information on the micro-blogging site will definitely effect you, Not only in terms of economic sector but also down the impression of the article on other and make the thing worst.
    It will show the total amount of mental effort being used in the working memory. Mean, the information given by you is all new or copied from somewhere else.
    Most of us not trying to posting the original ideas or thoughts. Everyone just want to do copy sharing the others experience or information.
    They don't aware that the sharing of information will became a disadvantage of your success

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    Naveen Arora's Avatar
    Naveen Arora
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    What kind of question is that ?

    This makes no sense. What are you, some kind of PR management employee ?

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