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Heart in a Box - Allows real heart to beat outside body for transplant


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    Mohsin Hasan
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    Heart in a Box - Allows real heart to beat outside body for transplant

    This is something I wish to share with eTI. Its about a technology which allows not only revival of dead heart for transplant, it also allows heart to beat outside body for upto 8 hours.

    Researchers in the US have developed a device that can bring a dead heart back to life, even after it’s stopped beating inside its original body. Its called ‘heart in a box’ method that can revive a heart after the donor has been dead for 30 minutes, and can keep it in working order for up to eight hours until the transplant patient is ready to receive it.

    Here is the gif, I will add video too.

    Interestingly there it costs whopping US$250,000 a piece, the heart-in-a-box does raise questions over when 'dead is dead' if there's a possibility that a dead heart can be popped into the machine, restarted, and given back to the original owner. But for Harvard ethicist Robert Truog, the fact that the person has already died once is the key factor here, and it should be up to the families to decide what happens.

    Here is a video too:

    But in my views, nothing is dead if its working, specially human body. The day is not distant when we can even preserve our brain, technically then you can transplant it and live forever.

    Apparently this technology also works for some other organs as seen the company TransMedics has developed the world's first commercial, portable, warm blood perfusion system that allows a new type of organ transplant, called a living organ transplant. This new technology, called an Organ Care System, is designed to maintain organs in a warm, functioning state outside of the body to optimize their health and allow continuous clinical evaluation. Hearts beat, lungs breathe, kidneys produce urine, livers produce bile.
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    Naveen Arora's Avatar
    Naveen Arora
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    Really some great information . Thanks for sharing it with eTI.

    I hope someday all those need can get it easily.

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