Latest Hyderabad News : The Telangana State Government has claimed before the Brijesh Kumar Tribunal that the matter of Krishna water distribution should not be categorical only between Telangana and AP, but Karnataka and Maharashtra is convoluted.

Telangana might get its honest share from Krishna only if water is allocated afresh to the four states by compelling each state as an element as a substitute of treating only the previous unbroken AP as an element along with Karnataka and Maharashtra and allotting TS share from the quota chosen to complete AP, the Telangana government stated.

The tribunal initiated its hearing on Krishna water distribution argument in Delhi on Friday i.e July 9th, which will go on for 4 days. The hearing will endure on July 9th, 14th and 15th. Telangana State argued that when the Brijesh Kumar tribunal billed waters to three states in the month of November 2013, the Telangana government was not conversant as to whose reward was kept in abeyance owing to the incomplete case in the SC on this matter. It advised the tribunal to deal Telangana as an isolated state.

TS council Vaidyanthan brought to the announcement of the tribunal that the very request for construction of TS had come up due to the unfairness meted out to Telangana area in the distribution of water and jobs in complete AP.

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