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How to Identifiy difference in Leopard, Jaguar and Cheetah


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    Prem_Kapoor Guest

    How to Identifiy difference in Leopard, Jaguar and Cheetah

    Mostly I am confused these three animals LEOPARD and JAGUAR and Cheetah because these animals are more similarities and more equal appearance. In this case I searched from Google I got more confused. When see the pictures of these three animals mostly on his Body structure,Face design and Design of spots is more similar.

    Some body help me how to Identify difference in leopard,Jaguar and cheetah.

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    The main difference is the marks or pattern on their body. They are more or less cats or feline but have various difference.
    I found a nice small image to help you :

    So as you can see, its more about their fur pattern . Moreover, leopard is smallest in big family cat, lion being biggest. Now if you talk about cheetah, they have spots where leopards have rosettes. The spot of a cheetah is a clear, single, black spot separated from the other spots on the cat’s body. A leopard however, has smaller irregular shaped spots that group together in circles to form rosettes.

    More , Cheetah have black ‘tear marks’ that streak from the inner corner of their eyes and down their cheeks. These markings are completely missing from a leopard’s face.

    Hope this helps.

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