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Airtel Slashes 4G internet price to Rs.51 per GB with Rs. 1498 and 748 tariff pack


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    Airtel Slashes 4G internet price to Rs.51 per GB with Rs. 1498 and 748 tariff pack

    Call it Reliance Jio effect or change of time, Airtel has further slashed prices of their 4G and 3G data upto Rs. 51 per GB under special tariff packs.

    With these new tariff packs, 1GB of data on Airtel will cost Rs. 51, down from Rs. 259. Terms and conditions include signing up for a 12-month package with a Rs. 1,498 fee upfront, which includes 1GB of initial data. It is applicable for unlimited number of data recharges in the given period. The offer is available only to prepaid users, and existing customers can switch to it by performing a Rs. 1,498 recharge.

    Another package with Rs. 748 payment upfront, will reduce the data cost to Rs. 99 per GB for six months. Again they can do any number of recharges and it will cost Rs. 99 per mb.

    Although voice calling price is world's lowest in India but data is still on higher side, and hopefully with the price war started because of Reliance Jio, we may see more correction in prices of data in India.

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    I don't know what is problem with airtel, why they have so niggardly attitude towards data pricing ? Again a crap pricing struture, so you have to get 1498 tariff first to get the benefit of cheap data. It is only beneficial for heavy users but useless for real users, say family or group of friends using it over WIFI.

    So, if you are 1 GB user every month, you get it for :
    1498 (first month) + 51 * 11 = 2059 per year. That means 171 Rs. per GB

    What if you use 2GB every month:

    1498 + (23x 51) = 2671 . That is 111.292 rupees per GB ..

    Similarly, if you are using 5 GB each month then it will cost around Rs. 75.11 per GB .

    Crap, Airtel is always going to be CrapTel ..

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