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I Accidentally Overpaid My HDFC Credit Card- now what will happen ?


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    drajaypathak Guest

    I Accidentally Overpaid My HDFC Credit Card- now what will happen ?


    I accidentally paid more amount that due balance on my credit card and it is not showing anywhere in the bank login. Actually what happened, I was suppose to make small payment of about Rs. 4600 as only this was due for my credit card but I don't where my mind was, I mistakenly added an extra zero and now I made total payment of Rs. 46000 instead of 4600. My card company sent me message of receipt of 46000 as well as restoring my full spending limit. But , its not that they have added 46000 to my total limit but only original limit of 200000 is restored.

    So where is my money, should I worried , how can I get it back ?

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    abhishekdv38 is offline eTI Iron
    There are two ways to get your amount back-

    1. Your written request

    If you send the credit balance refund request in writing, your refund can come to you in the form of cash, a check, or money order, or can be deposited into a bank account, according to the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. These rules don't only apply to credit card over-payments. You're also entitled to a refund if you overpay your personal line of credit or home equity line of credit.

    Your best starting point is to call your credit card issuer and find out if you'll need to put your request in writing, or if a phone call with suffice. If you need to write, confirm the address you need to send the request to, as it may not be the regular billing address.

    2. You can spend it down

    If you use your card regularly and the credit balance is small, your easiest option is to leave the credit balance on your account and spend it down. As your charge other purchases, the amount you overpaid will eventually be used up.

    Hope you are satisfied with these options.

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    Savera's Avatar
    Savera is offline eTI Aluminium
    You need not to worry at all. If you end up paying more than what you intended. There are two ways and I know this because I had overpaid in past and had asked bank for resolution.

    1. You can write to credit card department via mail and explain situation. Give them your card number, phone number as well customer ID for verification and send mail only from email address you have registered with Bank. They are generally prompt to answer. Will ask your bank details ie. IFSC, account number and excess funds can be transferred to your account of choice.

    2. Other way is just use extra paid up amount gradually as abhishekdv38 said. Don't worry about money, it will show up in your statement and your next credit card bill will show dues in "-" negative as you have excess funds already.


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