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How to become Yoga Instructor & make it career ?


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    Deep Agarwal Guest

    Question How to become Yoga Instructor & make it career ?

    Hello Friends,

    I want to make my career as a certified Yoga instructor and want to start Yoga classes for others as a hobby.

    I always wanted to teach other people about health and meditation.
    It will also going to motivate me to stay healthy, strong and flexible for my whole life.

    So any suggestions for my course and Advice on opening a Yoga Class for others ?

    Thank you.

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    abhishekdv38 is offline eTI Iron
    Hello Deep,

    There are many yoga learning studios offering 200 hours yoga teacher training program. I would suggest you to choose the studio carefully and the one which suits your timing. These studios are offering many programs so you have to choose carefully.

    Are you interested in just Asana?


    Do you want philosophy as well?


    Do you want Sanskrit?

    Check the studio and find out the teachers who teach the course. Some are masters in asana, some in anatomy, some in Sanskrit etc.

    Hope it helps you.

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