You may have seen amazing things about natures on TV and everywhere, but it seems nature never seizes to amaze us. Recently I found this amazing video about Japanese Puffer fish. Puffer fish is small, about five inches but to attract female puffer fish, they create amazing 7 feet long circular structure on sea bad.

When the circles are finished, females come to inspect them. If they like what they see, they reproduce with the males, said Hiroshi Kawase, the curator of the Coastal Branch of Natural History Museum and Institute in Chiba, Japan. However, still nobody knows exactly what the females are looking for in these circles or what traits they find desirable.

One such small video is from BBC below :

Its actually amazing to see such phenomenon, its even more amazing to imagine what kind of inspiration is going inside mind of such tiny fish. As human we have learned a lot about nature but still there is whole lot more to be discovered and to be understood.

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