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Planning to go for a court marriage with my girlfriend


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    Ashish G Guest

    Planning to go for a court marriage with my girlfriend

    hi everyone

    I am in a very stressed situation about my love life. i am 26 years old and my girlfriend is 25 years old. we both are from same caste and religion. i am well settled in Bangalore and she is a doctor by profession. Our parents are not agreeing for our marriage because one of her sister is married to one of my cousin and she is nothing but the trouble for him. My family thinks that my girlfriend will also do the same after marring with me. i tried to convince my parents a lot but they are not agreeing because of their ego. So finally we are thinking of court marriage as both of our parents are trying to marry us with another persons. I am sure that if i go through with this marriage then i will lose my parents forever, it feels like my happiness is nothing in front of their ego. Please suggest me

    Thank you

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    Aarish Rizvi's Avatar
    Aarish Rizvi
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    You are right , going against them will not only hurt them but will also prove their presumption of this girl being menace as she already forced you to marry against their (parent's) will.

    You have to be diplomatic, tell them you have entirely dropped idea of marriage altogether, there is no one coming ever in your life. The idea is to realize your parent's that your wish/ your will also matter. At the end of the day, they will agree you because they love you. But it will take a while. Meanwhile, make sure they don't think that its the girl guiding you.

    Also declare that you value your parent's decision and in return they should also value yours for not marrying anyone ever or else you will take extreme steps. It will take time but eventually they will give up ego for your happiness.

    Good luck ..

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