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Combination of Turmeric and Nano Particles to treat Cancer


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    Combination of Turmeric and Nano Particles to treat Cancer

    Combination of Turmeric and Nano Particles to treat Cancer

    The experts of neon technology in USA have discovered that if the molecules of a unique solvent of turmeric be filled in the nano particles then they can effectively treat the hardest type of cancer “Neuroblastoma”.

    The affectivity of turmeric against different types of cancers is nothing new but it wasn’t been possible to prepare medicine by using unique solvent of turmeric so far.

    On the other hand, neuroblastoma cancer not only has strong resistance against medicines but it also mostly affects children of age 5 or less which is most concerning thing about this cancer. Chemotherapy and other such commonly used treatments affects the eyesight and hearing capabilities of children for whole of their life.

    But now this problem has been solved by experts in University of Central Florida. During the experiments, they filled nano particles with an important solvent of turmeric, curcumin, and then packed them with dextran.

    These nano particles successfully eliminated the cells affected by neuroblastoma while its effects on healthy cells were very little. But these experiments were held on Petri dish, and it has to be seen whether turmeric has the same effects on cancerous cells in human body or not?

    This experiment has once again proved that turmeric is not only useful for human health but it is also affective against dangerous disease like cancer.

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    Useful information however I see this same thing shared all over internet. But still thanks for sharing here.

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    thank you for sharing the informative post

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    Mixing pepper powder and turmeric powder with dishes is good.

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    yes that is good...

    Thanks for sharing.

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