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Any diet to reduce UTI naturally & lifestyle changes ?


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    Any diet to reduce UTI naturally & lifestyle changes ?

    My wife gets UTI all time?So any diet to reduce or prevent?

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    Hi Patric,

    That is actually very nice question , however, as girl I know how frustrating it is but on the other hand, its very easy to control also.

    Though man and woman, both get Urinary Tract Infection but women are more prone to it. It is the way we women are built, you know, women have a shorter urethra compared to men, making it easy for bacteria to access the urinary tract and bladder. And also, other than that, the way our anatomy works, some of natural habits of us makes it worse.

    First of all, its not diet, its actually more about hygiene, I am not saying women are not hygienic but the way things are , we need to be extra careful. In India women, biggest culprit is the way we clean our selves after daily defecation. Actually unknowingly women passes bacteria from their stool into the urethra every time , they are suppose to clean from front to back, not otherwise. Else you are bringing shit to your urthera.

    • So in other words, wipe front to back. Always wipe from the front to the back after using the bathroom. Do not try to reach from behind because germs from the rectum can be transferred to the hand and tissue.
    • Wash properly, front to back, in the shower or bath. Rinse well and remember to wipe correctly from front to back.
    • Use tampons instead of sanitary napkins if possible. (Please search about tampons on Google to know more)
    • Try to empty the bladder at least every 4 hours during the day while awake, even if the need or urge to void is absent.
    • Plenty of water, its medically proven that women those drink less water are more prone to UTI
    • Intake of Vitamin C rich food.
    • Increase probiotic food intake like Yougurt / curd in diet.

    So, I have tried to sum it in easy words, hopefully it will help many others in future.

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