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Diet tips to prevent bladder stones


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    Diet tips to prevent bladder stones

    Bladder stones can be prevented through natural means and home remedies. Diet plays a large role in bladder stone development and prevention.For starters, your diet should be low in fat ie ,should consume plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy, and lean sources of protein like poultry and fish.Your diet should also be high in fiber, which can be obtained from whole grains and fruits and vegetables. Recommended daily fiber intake is two cups of fruit or two and a half cups of vegetables.Lastly, you should consume plenty of water, as it can help flush out your bladder. Dehydration and insufficient water intake, on the other hand, can increase your risk of bladder stones as well. The goal is to aim for at least eight glasses of water a day.
    Bladder stones should be removed if they cannot be easily passed through urination. This is because they can lead to complications, such as blockages and further infection. When bladder stones are too large to break, open surgery is required, which involves making an incision in the bladder to get the stones out.

    Natural remedies for bladder stones

    There are plenty of natural remedies to treat bladder stones that can be prepared right in your own home. Some of the simplest include:

    1.Pineapple juice, rose water and sugar candy: Mix together 10g of pineapple juice, 10g of sugar candy (or misri), and 10g of rose water and let it sit overnight. Drink the following morning for immediate relief.

    2.Watermelon seeds: Eating watermelon seeds throughout the day can help to break down the bladder stones and flush them out through urination.

    3.Barley water: Mix barley water with cranberry juice for fast treatment of bladder stones.

    4.Apple juice: Drinking pure apple juice can help break down bladder stones and prevent more for developing.

    5.Hydration: Drink plenty of water, unsweetened fruit juices, and coconut water to help flush the bladder stones out of your system. Citrus juices like orange juice can also help prevent the formation of bladder stones.

    Edwin Francis

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    Wow, that is a nice and very helpful article.

    Thanks for sharing with us. May be you can also share your views with some other health related queries at eti.

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