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Best Rs. 10000 investment in 2017 for good returns


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    Best Rs. 10000 investment in 2017 for good returns


    It may sound little kiddish but I have Rs. 10000 to invest in stock market. This is kind of my start, hoping to have sound start to give me strength . Give me suggestion how to invest them . This sum is only reserved for investment. Nothing else I want to do with it, it will like if it grows (even in fraction) then I will continue or else my venture in stock market will end with exhaustion of this fund.

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    Rohit Chandra
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    I am not an expert nor I have lots of experience with stock market but my suggestion is that look for a dummy trading service. There are many free service provider which let you invest in real stock market but as dummy. You are selling / buying stocks as if buying in real market but no real money is involved.

    Do dummy trading or investment for 2-3 months and see how much you understand the market. After that I am sure you can invest on your own without help of anyone.

    Good luck.

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