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How to earn Ethereum coin in India ?


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    How to earn Ethereum coin in India ?


    I know eTI have crypto currency forum from long but I don't see much activity here. Here is my post, do any of eTI members are looking into etherum (ETH) coin in India, if yes then how you are earning them ?
    Are you mining them, if yes then how and what setup you are using .
    If you are receiving them through other channel then please Share how you are doing so ?

    I would love to see feedback and healthy discussion here about Ethereum coin.

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    Hi Asaam,

    That is nice to see someone talking crypto coin here. I have been trying some luck with crypto currency and in my view you can get ethereum in various ways :

    1. Mining, but it is now not very profitable because of increased difficulty, those who started few months back were in better condition. Also mining of Ethereum will soon stop, may be by 3rd quarter of next year. Although it was supposed be somewhere this years in November I suppose but now its postponed. Currently its in Proof of work (PoW) stage, and is mineable. But after POS , no one can mine it, you can only buy it or invest into it.

    2. Mining other new coins (alt coins) and then exchange them with ETH. There are plenty of new coins being launched, some are good some are bad, but if there is any decent coin, you can use it to mine and then exchange with ETH.

    3. Participating in bounty programs, there are forums like bitocointalk where new coins give coins and tokens as bounty if you promote their product. They generally paying in ETH.

    4. Buy Bitcoin or other coin using Fiat currency and then exchange that with ETH.

    That is my knowledge about it, you can also earn ETH buy trading in exchanges as you do with real stocks. Overall there is whole lot of changes for its appreciation in future.


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