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I have made a 300 GPD RO , I want to know how can I get Proper Flow Rate and Perfect


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    I have made a 300 GPD RO , I want to know how can I get Proper Flow Rate and Perfect

    1st : I used Carbon Housing where I used Coconut Charcoal, then 5 micron Span , and then Boosting Pump and after that the RO Membrane, Controllable FRT , But in few days Flow Rate getting low , at starting it was giving 7 ppm from my supply water 180 ppm , But then flow rate come very low after 2 weeks continuous use , i have to tight the FRT now getting 12 ppm , but still the Flow Rate is not as good as before. my RO system run 24/7 , how can I get trouble less flow , what should I add

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    Welcome to eTI.

    I don't know what made you think that this is right place to ask this question. In my views, by course of time, and ofcourse quantity of water being processed, your membrane as well other filters get saturated and hence water supply PPM is greatly affected. Solution is to other go for bigger industrial grade setup or simply keep replacing things.

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    Many Many Thanks for your kind response,
    used to run a Discus Fish Hatchery , The YDS of our Supply water is about 148 to 210 PPM , depends on Season , my requirement per day for my breeding tank about 1000 litter per Day, What I store and use next Day, Out Put water TDS best is 5 to 25 , as I have observed
    But as I have told you before with in one Month Usage 300 GPD Membrane flow coming very Low and Booster Pump often Stop working. I don't want To work on the Plant again and again and I want A long term solution , I used to make everything by myself so If you suggest me I can Built a Proper Filtration.

    My Total Filtration system start before the Main Storage Tank at Roof , There I Used 3 threaded Sediment Cartridge (Stopped Using Span of 0.5 microns as those get Blocked so Fast) and then a granual carbon cartridge, then the water Go thrugh a FRP vessels and then pass throw a Spun Sediment Cartridge housing , then I store the water in a Sintex Tank , There was a UF Membrane which already out of work , I have put another Granual Carbon Housing and Sediment Cartridge Span 0.5 microne before the RO Membrane. , Now Please Guide me how can I modify the Total system where I can get water trouble freely

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