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Horoscope Mismatch causing trouble in marriage


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    Horoscope Mismatch causing trouble in marriage

    We came to know each other in matrimony.we understand each other. we fall in love.we are from same caste.my parents accept without seeing horoscope..but his mom not accepting saying she will die if he marry me ..due to some mismatch in horoscope.she is not accepting...he is saying tat he is afraid of his mom..because of her words..pls help me to convince her?

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    Welcome to eTI.

    I am not an expert in Horoscope but I do know some people with great over these subjects. If you can explain what kind of issues her MOM is talking then may be I can get some advice for you.

    You see, Its all about perception, her Mother has been brought up from childhood believing in all such things, the only way to convince is through her way of belief only. Hence, if you can, then you may also take help from some of your pandits or people with knowledge of these subject to find a way around.


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    first ..thanks for your reply.. we dont know what exactly matter is ..but i think tat may be about baby issue after marriage..now my parents forcing me to get reply from him soon because am turning 27 next month..he still did not did anything..means he didnot convince his mom..

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    Aarish Rizvi
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    Still its not helping ie. your answer.

    Better , get boy's kundly and your kundly . Take it to some good horoscope guy / pandit in your vicinity and take his advice for resolution. As said already, its about faith and faith can fix it. But you have to take right steps.

    Good luck

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