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Pain under lower left rib cage causing trouble


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    Ritul Verma
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    Pain under lower left rib cage causing trouble

    Hii everyone!!!!!!

    I am a 38 years old woman and i am married for last 10 years!!! I have been having pain under my lower left rib cage which is not constant. If I push slightly on my ribs I feel very sore. When I get up from sitting, I feel the pain and soreness. I have not injured myself in any way. It feels some like pleurisy I had a few years ago, except it does not seem to hurt more when I take a deep breath. I suffer from a number of other health problems high cholesterol, migraines, blood pressure all of which I am on medications for. I would just like to know if anyone has experienced anything similar to this. If yes kindly suggest what is the remedy for this.

    I do plan to see my family physician next week, but would like to hear some ideas what could be causing this.

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    As you think it can be pleurisy. Or it can be muscle pain. Anything is it should be evaluate by a physician direct supervision. But for now you can take paracetamol tablet. It is OTC drug. you can buy it without any prescription.

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