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Now this time its reservation causing violence


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    Ricky is offline eTI Silver

    Now this time its reservation causing violence

    This is really sad to see, yesterday 16 people died in protest from Gurjar Samaj (as newspaper reported). They wanted reservation bill to get into effect as soon as possible. Their protest resulted in death of 16 people. Is it acceptable ? A thing which is causing serious trouble when it is not even executed then think what will it result when its alive ?

    We already know that if 1000s are in favour then again 1000s are against it. Govt. made laws to help financially and socially backward people to come forward but some self-proclaimed leaders for their personal profit changed the definition and made reservation effective for backward castes.

    In real it was made to help backward people.. not caste because caste can never decide if a person need help or not. It is his financial and sometimes social situation which decides his need to get help.

    I will not comment much here as I am little short in knowledge about RESERVATION but still I know a lot and shall comment about it later.

    Meanwhile, would like to hear comments from my dear fellow members !

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    talkpreet is offline Newbie

    Re: Now this time its reservation causing violence

    I think reservation in itself is calling of discrimination. Is there no other possibility of equality without reservation in the name of humanity? Is reservation the only option? If you can suggest a more humanitarian method then please suggest.

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    Ricky is offline eTI Silver

    Re: Now this time its reservation causing violence

    Its true, reservation is itself a discrimination and I agree to your words 100% but there are few people who just for the sake of personal interest do not want equality in society.

    First of all we need to remove reservation as whole. Second, then we need to implement way to have equality in society. We can start with taking a small area or city, adopt it for some "Eradication of Inequality Project" and then there as per survey and conditions apply some remedy and those which get success.. use them over other places also.

    The above one is more practical but still we can have some general measures to have equality in society:
    1. School education compulsory to everyone, be it by any means.
    2. No political party should allowed to use "Reservation or similar" topics as their "election propaganda ".
    3. Development of infrastructure in such a way that everyone enjoy it at equality, nothing should be there like POSH area or Backward area.

    May be other can add more views.

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    kammy is offline eTI Copper

    Re: Now this time its reservation causing violence

    ya i agree with you ricky but reservation should be there but it should be for economical poor people no matter what is their caste!

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