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How much Indian black money in Swiss Banks ?


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    Pluto is offline eTI Iron

    How much Indian black money in Swiss Banks ?

    Bring back Indian money from Swiss banks: Ramdev
    The Hindu

    Haridwar (IANS): Yoga guru Swami Ramdev doesn’t just want candidates with a criminal background out from this year’s Lok Sabha election fray. He also wants the money deposited by Indians in Swiss banks back in India just as the Obama administration in the US has done.

    “What are the policies of our national political parties when it comes to black money deposited in Swiss banks?” he asked in the course of an interaction with reporters on the sidelines of the foundation laying ceremony of a mega food park his Patanjali Yog Peeth is setting up near here with aid from the Ministry of Food Processing Industries.

    “If this money has to be brought back to India, then these parties should announce that they will bring this money back to India whatever it takes,” he said.

    “This is one sureshot way through which one will know who is honest and who is not.”

    The yoga guru’s latest salvo against politicians in the country comes close on the heels of a letter he sent to parties across the country in which he challenged them not to field candidates with criminal background in the general elections this year.

    Ramdev said he was yet to receive a reply to this from any of these parties.

    Challenging the parties to issue a statement on their stand on black money parked in Swiss banks, he said: “According to one estimate, money ranging from Rs.50-75 lakh crore ($1-1.5 trillion) is parked in Swiss bank accounts. So I dare them (political parties) to reply to this question. If they can’t reply that means the ranks of these parties are all dishonest, corrupt and they themselves have money deposited in Swiss bank accounts.”

    Referring to the Barack Obama administration’s recent move to get details of Swiss bank accounts of American citizens, he said: “To bring about a change in its economy following the global meltdown and to bring in liquidity, the US has handed over a list of people with alleged financial irregularities to the internal revenue department. A federal commission there is seeking details of the accounts these people have in Swiss banks.”

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    Re: How much Indian black money in Swiss Banks ?

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    Re: How much Indian black money in Swiss Banks ?

    Sunrise.. Why spamming always ?

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    charu bajaj Guest

    how much money does india black money in swiss bank

    about rs.71lakhcroreand in foreign divigine it is about or to be approx.$1.4trillion

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    neha.rati is offline Just in!

    Thumbs up These CORRUPT POLITICIANS should face common man

    I want to know who these Corrupt Politicians are.. Petrol prices so high, even edibles, also college fees is limit.. All these politicians should get life term inprisonment..

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    Unregistered Guest


    The amount of Indian black money deposited in Swiss Bank is 1.45 trillion which is more than the economy of India i.e. 1.42

  7. Advert.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Gold's Bird

    We can bring our country back on the position as the subject captioned above. our Govt. must do about the serious issue infact nobody will do act. because our govt. is totally currupt. we need somebody like rajnikant's role in movie shivaji and his act for black money.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Unhappy Corruption

    Our india needs an man which really run our country without any of the corruption
    I really feel so bad that we are the comon man leaving in country which is fully corrupted

    please bring out some solution from this corruption


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    Unregistered Guest

    how to bring black money back

    First of all catch corrupt pilitician whos black money in swiss bank then give him a capital panishmnet ( shot him/her in Street) seal their whole property. Automatically other will bring their black money to India honestly.

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    Unregistered Guest

    how to bring back the black money

    These corrupt people should have a lesson, they dont think abt the poor,how will a pooor marry her daughter or son as price of gold& silver are soaring so high that it is unaffordable by common man,i request people of india to come forward and drop this corrupt congress govt,politicians in congress are bastards they will sell india in exchange of price so come-on everybody move ahead i am with Anna hazare and real rascal i have ever seen is Digvijay singh and amar singh..i wish to spit on their face..

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    Unregistered Guest


    this is a request on the behalf of all indians that our govt. shoul bring back the black money. this only make our country super power and not only this everyone will be leading a high standard of living and there won't be any poor.... :-(

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    Unregistered Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    The amount of Indian black money deposited in Swiss Bank is 1.45 trillion which is more than the economy of India i.e. 1.42
    Do you really think if someone give you some support.. You can bring black money back to India.
    Do you really wanna do that.......??

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    Unregistered Guest

    Thumbs up People of India its time to change

    Gosh 1.4 trillion . Its time to change. Change India from 3rd world to an economic super power in the globe. I would put my blood to bring back the money if the information of the people shared by wikileaks is Known.Please release it as soon as possible. There are millions of my brothers who are without food and shelter. Dont these corrupt people at least realize what they have done to their own motherland. Dont let this issue go down with time. Wake up my brothers and fight together.

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    Unregistered Guest

    anti block money

    first we have to ban the fivehundred and thousend rupee notes because our corupted indians that money deposit as a 500,1000 n gold so if our take a serious action this idea is possible.newly supply those notes then maximum to get block money. when politicians enter into politics our govt take thier assers only but should be take their daughters, sons,wife or husbank and relatives and check their asserts for every one year with cbi. now a days even bank clerk also want to minimum degree qualification. politicians also minimum knowledge check by ias officers.if he is suitable then only chance to participate.

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    Unregistered Guest

    how we can trace them ?

    we can trace them with help of swiss bank .if swiss came forward to help the people by giving the incoming list of ministers,ias,ips,..............we can stop them and we can save money

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