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Instagram post not showing up in Hashtags anywhere


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    Suchit_y Guest

    Instagram post not showing up in Hashtags anywhere

    Hi, I have a new instgram account. I created to share some of my views and opinions. I made a introductory post and it was properly shared and shown in all hashtags I used. But then I made my second post after couple of hours but there was not a single like for it. I then found that actually my post is not visible in any hashtag all over instagram.

    I deleted that post, removed many hast tags but still its not showing. Now the post has only 6 hashtags so I think its not issue of using lots of hashtags. I also reduced size of post (in caption) but still not showing up. I have removed it and reposted with lesser text and tags but it is just not appearing in hashtags all over instagram.

    Anyone can advice what I could be doing wrong ?

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    Aarish Rizvi's Avatar
    Aarish Rizvi
    Aarish Rizvi is offline eTI Bronze
    Instagram have their algorithm where they try to reduce spam , automated post by detecting certain behaviour in posts or content uploaded.

    There could be number of reasons for post not appearing in Feeds / hashtags over instagram.

    1. Usage of large number of hashtags, but you have already reduced it to 6, so I think its not issue as its lot less than allowed on instagram ie. 30 tags.

    2. Issue with account, but your previous post was published properly and visible everywhere. I suppose that is also not the case.

    3. Too much text but that is also not issue as you are able to post and can see content. Although, around 2200 characters are allowed in instagram caption. Hopefully you have not posted that much.

    4. Use of banned / blocked hashtags. If you post is using blocked / banned hastag then your post will not show anywhere. To find out if you are using any banned hashtag then simply look post for it, if there are only "Popular" post but no recent posts then you have to remove that hashtag.

    5. Use of bots for automated likes etc. Hopefully you are not using programs or bots to increase your like counts .

    Let me know which one works for you, my guess is that you should look for banned hashtags first.

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