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What is importance of PI & why to keep finding its value ?


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    What is importance of PI & why to keep finding its value ?

    So its PI day, 14 March .

    Google has just made it even more famous with introducing its Doodle.

    I was first introduced to it in my school days that ϖ is used for calculation of AREA for a circle.. I still remember its
    ϖr2 .

    Then there is this Pi day, I am not a math guy but I looked into its importance and I found that people are actually obsessed with maximum possible value of PI, it is gone into millions of decimal but still people are trying to find more. What is actual use of this obsession, is it really important to go this far. Using upto 3 or 4 decimal digit is not fine to get precise calculations ?


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    Mohsin Hasan
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    PI is absolutely important in mathematics because of its application in numerous scenario. π just the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. I am not going into math here as its not my topic of expertise but what I have been reading, there is more obsession for finding its longest possible value than its real application.

    So that was the summary, now if you go in detail, then there are plenty of good article online, still I will try to summarize here. From one such article here, Around 250 BC - Archimedes was successfully able to find Pi to the value of 3, however, it took centuries to further calculate value more value, like in 150 AD, it was calculated only to 4 digits and things were slow. But after the invention of the calculator and then computer, the records jumped drastically. In 1949, Ferguson and Wrench computed 1,120 digits using a desk calculator. The first computer attempt, in 1949 on the ENIAC (the first general-purpose electronic computer), took 70 hours and computed 2037 decimal places. By 1967, the record stood at half a million digits, and in 2009, Takahashi et al. used a supercomputer to compute 2.5 trillion digits of Pi. Today we have people who have calculated it to 10 trillion digits.

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    That was about finding possible most accurate value of Pi. But in real world, pi is useful for describing everything from the way light and sound waves ripple to the 'bendiness' of rivers, and it even crops up in calculations where circles are nowhere to be seen, such as Euler's Identity—a probability formula that has been described as the "most beautiful" in mathematics.

    So, what is the actual use of calculating so much precise value of PI, in real world, its useless because everything we do using Pi can do very well with 3-4 digits , although doing calculation with higher values will give more precise result but its just not necessary. For example, NASA scientists keep space station operational with only 15 or 16 digits of Pi and the fundamental constant of universe only require 32 digits.

    This just proves , rest is all about obsession and dedication. Hence, we see trillions of digits of value to the Pi.

    Hope that helps

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