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PayPal Balance and UNK-FS-undefined are not accepted


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    bittuk Guest

    PayPal Balance and UNK-FS-undefined are not accepted

    I have a paypal account, it is verified and belongs to my company. I use it to make payment behalf of company. I have been regularly receiving and sending money using it. Not very big amount, only 200-400 $ a month total. I had made one payment 4 days back and was all good. But today I saw this message, I was making very small payment to a company to buy something online of USD 49.59 . My paypal account has got more $100 .

    The error I saw was:
    We’re sorry, your PayPal Balance and UNK-FS-undefined are not accepted. Please link another card to complete your payment.
    Now I don't know what is the issue. It is asking me to add debit card, but I am not supposed to add it as its company account. Please advice what to do, its urgent, tomorrow is Sunday so I will be in trouble if I don't make payment today.

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    Aarish Rizvi's Avatar
    Aarish Rizvi
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    Have you done some fraudulent or suspicious transaction through paypal recently ? Its simply means Paypal is limiting your account, may be they need reverification. Before contacting support, also see if you can set new password on this account using password recovery feature.

    You can't do much if you can't login into the account. Have you tried login from other place or computer ?

    May be for now you can send money using Demand Draft. Try updating your browser as well and then try.

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    The error I see is about unsufficient funds and that is the reason it is asking to pay from card. Please double check if you have sufficient funds before making the payment.


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