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Wants get accepted as son in family of my muslim girlfriend


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    Wants get accepted as son in family of my muslim girlfriend

    Hi All. I am from Hyderabad, Am a private employee. Me and my girl are in love from 4 years . I am Hindu and she is a Muslim. We respect our own religions. And we respect each other about religious beliefs. We both Love each other alot and can't live without each other. We tried to convince our parents at both houses in all ways. Nothing worked. Asked my cousin's and friends they tried talking to my parents and couldn't succeed. She asked for help from her family people and it went to her parents again and things got more serious. Couple of colleagues advises love marriage. Am the only son for my parents and they are aged ! Learnt from my father not to leave parents by seeing the way he took good care of his parents when they were aged and sick. My parents need my support, On her bday she asked me a wish , that is to make her meet my parents for blessings on her bday. Which I did on the same day . And on my parents anniversary she joined the event. Slowly my parents started liking her . And then they said we have no problem in you getting married to that girl but it should be done with the girls parents acceptance. Which is not wrong when it comes to their end . It was a good sign for us and got some hope .
    We both tried to talk to her mom but she didn't accept . She is one of the best person I met in my life. The way she use to care and respect me before knowing the matter was so good. Her mom also likes me for the way I am and the way I respect her family and the way I care her daughter.

    And finally she said ye sab humare religion mein accept nai karte agar hum tujhe accept kare toh bhi humare society Hume accept nai karega and explaining me the conveniences that we have to face with the society to get married, and she was requesting me to forget her daughter.
    What should i do guys . We want to get married with our parents acceptance.
    Even if we change our minds and go for love marriage my girl has two younger sisters, unlog Ka future karab hoga bolke sochre. As all know how things go wrong when a girl comes out of home . We can't be happy by going away from home by spoiling the reputation of two families and future of two young girls.
    It's not just I want to marry her , I love her family members too , I want to get into their family as a son and take good care of them too along with my parents.
    They have started searching for matches .
    Hope you guys can understand our situation.
    Please seeking for some suggestions and help.
    Will be very thankful for life time.

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    You are a good and sensible person, what ever you have done till now shows that you understand caveats of life very well. No matter your girl must love you a lot. She is definitely lucky to have you in life.

    So you have everything right but only problem is that they can't accept you as groom because of religion and also because of the future of your girl's younger sisters.

    They are right though, sadly our society is still like that. What if you both get secretly married and declare about marriage only when her younger sisters are married ?

    You have tried almost everything, now all you can do some radical step as I suggested. And tell your girl friend to remind her parents that you are her only happiness, marrying to someone else will only give life long pain to her.

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    drsky is offline eTI Iron
    Hello there,
    Agree with Anuj in the aspect that you both can wait till the younger sisters are married....To please all in everyway and to lose oneself is a great sacrifice and a great pain that will have resentment and loneliness in one' s life....better to please a little without losing a sense of oneself especially when it comes to a great relationship.
    You may both have to sacrifice a little here and there, but if you both have found comfort in each other, better not to let go, slowly make her parents come to realize the nice individual you are, be caring and good to their family even though they are currently not accepting your marriage. Eventually they may come to like you as an individual and love you. You dont need to be married to your girl to be caring to their family. They may accept with time.
    And you both should not get married to someone else, it is like playing a marriage lottery; the lucky win, the unlucky lose with suffering.
    And pray to GoD daily(for GOD is love) and help couples and singles seeking love and marriage as much as possible, so that
    positive karma/action will bring love into your life.


    wish the best
    Dr Sky

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